Screwworm (2 Poster Set)


A set of 2 colourful wall posters featuring screwworms.

Screwworms are serious insect pests which invade wounds and can result in death of warm blooded animals including humans. The two poster set covers the two species of screwworms found in the world and provides a useful guide for veterinary technicians and quarantine agencies.

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SAS has produced a set of 2 colourful wall posters featuring screwworms.

A set of two posters on screwworms has been produced in collaboration with the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme – Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture in order to increase awareness of these very important pests. It is targeted at veterinary technicians and quarantine officials. The posters cover the Old World and New World screwworms, Chrysomia bezziana and Cochliomyia hominivorax, which are flies belonging in the family Calliphoridae.

The posters cover the nature of the problems caused by screwworms, monitoring methods, identification of adults and larvae and control methods. The sterile insect release method remains one of the most important tools for eradication of screwworm and maintenance of screwworm free areas.1 Screw Worm Posters FOR PRINT

Screwworms, unlike most fly larvae found in wounds of warm-blooded animals, feed on living tissues and can cause the rapid death of an infested animal or human if untreated.


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