Pests and Beneficials of Papaya in Australia

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A full colour poster featuring the insect and mite pests of papaya has been produced as a guide for growers and others associated with this expanding industry in Australia.

Pests and Beneficials of Papaya in AustraliaThe papaya plant is subject to attack from a wide range of pests however there are also many useful predators and parasites that provide effective control. Growers need to be able to recognise the early symptoms of pest damage and their causes.

The poster will help in this regard as it provides clear photographs of the pests and their damage, enabling rapid identification of problems. It will prove useful to anyone ranging from the commercial growers through to the backyard gardener with a few papaya plants in their garden.

The poster is visually appealing. An artist was commissioned to prepare the major painting of a papaya tree featured in the centre of the poster. High quality photographs were obtained of the pests and their damage as well as the beneficials.

The information on the poster is presented in simple English for the non-technical reader.

The poster measures 970mm by 650mm and is available either un-laminated or with a high quality 80 micron laminate.

Pests featured include the major pests such as fruit spotting bug, two spotted mite and scale insects. In addition a number of other pests including fruit flies, fruit piercing moth, spiraling whitefly, and yellow peach moth are featured. The damage produced by each pest is illustrated as well as the more important beneficials that help provide biological control.

The poster will also prove useful to packing and export houses, agricultural suppliers, government and private agricultural advisors, Australian and international quarantine authorities, and educational institutions.

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