Fruit Fly Pests of the World

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SAS has produced a set of 2 colourful wall posters featuring the major fruit fly pests of the World.

Fruit Flies of the World (1)This poster set will prove to be an invaluable resource for quarantine agencies and others involved with the detection, monitoring or control of fruit fly species.

Fruit flies represent one of the most important quarantine pests of horticulture and the costs of eradication and control are enormous. The rapid identification of a fruit fly species allows for the most appropriate and rapid response to a new introduction to an area.

SAS has produced the Fruit Fy Pests of the World posters in English, as well as versions in Spanish and Portuguese.

The posters feature high quality photographs of the adult flies, mostly photographed live. For a number of species they are the first published photographs. A total of 64 species are featured on the posters. Information on the major types of fruit attacked and the world distribution is presented for each species on a small map.

Fruit Flies of the World (2)The lures that are most suitable for use in fruit fly traps are listed for each species. In addition on the first poster in the set, there is a section featuring the fruit fly life cycle as well as a number of photographs of both external and internal damage to fruit caused by fruit flies.

This is the first time that such a database has been compiled. It was produced in response to requests from a number of countries to provide information and photographs in a readily usable format for quarantine personnel. The posters will actually provide a quick reference guide for anyone working with fruit flies.

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