Fruit Flies of Australia (2 posters)

Fruit Flies of Australia Posters

Buy NowFruit flies are the most damaging group of insect pests in terms of the actual damage they cause to an enormous range of fruits and vegetables as well as the role they play in affecting interstate and international trade of these products. Scientific Advisory Services has produced a set of two posters on Fruit Flies of Australia aimed primarily at assisting fruit and vegetable producers to manage these important pests.

Fruit Flies of Australia 1The two posters (Fruit Flies of Australia 1 & 2) cover the entire range of fruit flies that infest commercial crops in Australia, as well as non-pest species commonly collected in traps and a number of exotic quarantine threats.Information provided for each species includes their attraction to chemical attractant lures, plant hosts attacked, distribution and identification. The fruit fly life cycle, methods of fruit fly eradication, suppression and monitoring are featured, as well as fruit disinfestation techniques. Examples of stung fruit are featured including apple, banana, orange, tomato, capsicum, mango, olive, grape, capsicum, quince, zucchini, peach and cherry. External damage is featured along with internal rotting associated with fruit fly larval activity.

Fruit Flies of Australia 2Each poster measures 970mm by 650mm. They provide a valuable aid for horticulturists, particularly those who undertake control measures based on the monitoring of fruit fly numbers in lure-baited traps. The posters will prove useful to anyone ranging from the largest orchardist through to the backyard gardener with a few fruit trees and a vegetable garden.

The species featured include important pest species such as cucumber fly, melon fly, Oriental fruit fly, mango fruit fly, banana fruit fly, Queensland fruit fly and Mediterranean fruit fly. North Queensland based banana farmers, Mackay’s Bananas sponsored one poster and leading pest management company, Integrated Pest Management P/L trading as Bugs for Bugs have kindly provided sponsorship assistance for the second poster. Bugs for Bugs at Mundubbera are suppliers of a wide range of fruit fly monitoring and control products.

Internationally recognised insect photographer Paul Zborowski was commissioned to photograph the major species in Australia and the results are posters that are both useful and pleasing to the eye. For some species the photographs are the first published photographs of the species. The information is presented in simple English for the non-technical reader.

A range of fruit are demonstrated with fruit fly damage, the fruit fly life cycle is shown and there is a section on monitoring and control of fruit flies. The present distribution within Australia of each species is marked on a map.

Fruit flies are very topical in Australia following the discovery of the papaya fruit fly in Cairns back in 1995 and discoveries subsequently of Qld fruit fly in NSW fruit growing areas and Mediterranean fruit fly in South Australia. It was the papaya fruit fly outbreak that prompted the preparation of the wall posters as there appeared to be a lack of photographs and plain English information available on this and other species of these important pests. To date the posters have been obtained by primary producers, packing and export houses, government and private agricultural advisors, Australian and international quarantine authorities, and educational institutions.

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