Banana Bell Injection

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One of the more important tasks on banana farms is to protect the developing bunches from insect pests.

Banana Bell InjectionBell injection has provided growers with a pest control technique that is highly effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a task that requires a level of understanding of the internal structure of the emerging banana bell in order to achieve the best result.

Previously Scientific Advisory Services had produced a number of posters on bell injection for individual grower clients and conducted training courses for bell injecting staff. It was decided that there was a need for a clear illustration of the internal structure of a banana bell that growers and their workers could use. The poster could be referred to, when training new workers or addressing problems that might be occurring with current work practices.

The large laminated colour wall poster “Banana Bell Injection” has been produced to provide a ready reference for banana farms. It measures 970mm by 650mm. The pests and the damage they produce on young and mature fruit are illustrated as well as the stages of bell emergence that determine whether or not injection will be most effective.

The purpose of the poster is not to teach people how to bell inject but to show the reasons behind the WHY, HOW and WHEN of this job. The only way to train someone is of course to show them by practical example. The poster will prove valuable both in the training of new workers and by timely reference to it when problems occur.

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