Integrated Pest Management

ipm-faultIntegrated Pest Management

Scientific Advisory Services (SAS) offers a range of services for clients as diverse as farmers, biological producers, chemical companies and government agencies. We are specialists in plant protection and the development of integrated pest management (IPM) in horticulture.

Pests include diseases, insects, nematodes, vertebrates and weeds. SAS has the facilities and expertise to assist with the control of all these pests.

A well equipped laboratory and four wheel drive vehicle enables us to service our clients efficiently. We have in house graphic design capability to assist with publication of signage, training brochures, posters, etc.

We provide on farm monitoring of crops as diverse as flower crops (eg. heliconia, ginger), fruit crops (eg. banana, longan, papaya, lychee, rambutan) and ornamentals (plant nurseries).

stung-fruitIn addition, SAS conducts training courses on plant protection for primary producers, as well as offering specific services such as fruit sampling for residue analysis and sprayer calibration.

Replicated trials are performed on farms for agricultural chemical companies in order to generate efficacy and residue results that can be used for registration of new products.

A magnifying glass is available for purchase from the online shop.

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