Fruit Flies in Resin Blocks

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Clear Resin-Embedded Fruit Flies

Scientific Advisory Services has available a range of resin-embedded
blocks containing a variety of important pest fruit fly species from around the world. Species available include a number of genera including Anastrepha, Bactrocera and Ceratitis. At present species represented are A. fraterculus, A. ludens, B. cucurbitae, B. dorsalis, B. tryoni, B. oleae and C. capitata.

Flies intercepted in monitoring traps can be compared with the reference specimens mounted in the resin blocks. Quarantine agencies use the blocks for this purpose, in addition to their use as a training aid for quarantine inspectors. These blocks are also used by school and university students.

The clear resin enables the flies to be examined under a microscope while protecting the integrity of the specimens. As reference specimens no special storage requirements are required unlike pinned specimens which are subject to fungal decay and damage.

Each block is unique and so each block can be viewed prior to purchase.

SAS would like to receive samples of other pest species for embedding. Species we are keen to obtain are  Toxotrypana curvicauda, Rhagoletis species and Ceratitis species.

Blocks are currently available in several different languages including English, Portuguese and Spanish:

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