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Scientific Advisory Services

Scientific Advisory Services (SAS) has been operating in north Queensland for the past 20 years providing an independent source of advice for primary producers. SAS specialises in plant protection and the development of integrated pest management in horticulture.

On farm inspectionsThe principal, Richard Piper, who is trained in plant protection,  is especially keen on insects, however, his expertise extends to cover all pests and disease which affect our crops.

Pests include diseases (such as viruses, bacteria and fungi), insects, nematodes, vertebrates and weeds. SAS has the facilities and expertise to assist with the control of these.

A well-equipped laboratory in Tully and 4WD vehicle enables efficient service to clients. The use of mobile phone and email services enable growers to communicate more rapidly and problems are often solved simply by emailing to SAS, digital photographs of the affected plant. SAS has a Wild M3Z stereomicroscope with dedicated camera for macrophotography.

Integrated Pest ManagementOn farm monitoring is a specialty and crops as diverse as ginger and heliconia flowers, banana plantations, rambutans and ornamentals (plant nurseries) are amongst the many farms that are visited.

Services offered include specific training on plant protection for farmers and their staff, calibration of pesticide application equipment and fruit sampling for chemical residue analysis.

Replicated trials are performed on farms for agricultural companies wanting to obtain information on how their products perform. New products are constantly being developed and independent testing provides valuable information for these companies.  This trial work helps SAS assist growers using these products when they are commercially available, as an intimate knowledge of their performance is gained.

Fruit Flies of the WorldAs a result of working with farmers it was realised that there was a lack of suitable material for assisting staff to identify some of the more important pests as well as other farm problems.

Working closely with Graphically Speaking, based in Innisfail, SAS has produced posters and guides on a wide range of crop pests, including pests of bananas and papaya in Australia and a range of poster sets titled Fruit Flies of Australia as well as Fruit Fly Pests of the World.

A number of these posters have been produced in other languages including Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.  At present several new posters and booklets are being produced on banana and banana problems.

About the Company

  • 100% Australian owned
  • Operating since 1993
  • Well equipped laboratory and office at Mullins Rd, Tully

Richard Piper in the laboratoryServices Provided

  • Independent advice to primary producers on plant protection problems
  • Development of integrated pest management programs for primary producers
  • Contract research and development work on chemical and biological pest control technologies for tropical horticulture
  • Environmental monitoring including resistance testing of pests and residue sampling of fruit, water and soil on farms

Company Goals

  • To be at the leading edge of integrated pest and disease management in tropical horticulture
  • To provide the premier independent source of advice on solutions to plant protection problems to primary producers
  • To supply a first class research and development service to primary producers and associated agricultural service companies

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